Audison Prima APBX 8 DS


Need removable, low, strong bass in a small space? This 8″ sub in its smart, compact enclosure could be just what you are after. Featuring adjustable, anti-slip velcro covered feet, this compact bass enclosure at just 8.5 Litres features the APS 8 D dual coil 8″ subwoofer offering long excursion for a subwoofer in this class and therefore able to produce lots of bass when matched with a Prima amplifier.

Technical Specification:


Size: 200 mm (8”)

Power Handling: 250 W Continuous Power

500 W Peak Power

Impedance (Ohms): 4 + 4

Sub box size: mm (in.) 377 (14.84) x 334 (13.15)x 109 (4.29)

Magnet: High density flux ferrite

Cone: Cotton-Fibre pressed paper

Weight of one component kg (lb) 6.22 (13.71)