Plush Automotive is an innovator in In-Car customisation. The company began in early 2006 by founder Luke Massy. With his unrivalled dedication to making a name for his brand, he focused his full attention on delivering what he felt the market was lacking.

He began with automotive upholstery paired with custom in car entertainment, giving him the edge on already existing companies, due to offering both of these services in house.

Plush have grown significantly since those early days, becoming one of the leading brands in vehicle modification, not only in the UK, but also worldwide, and that original vision is still Luke’s driving force.


At Plush, our goal is to create work that is honest, solutions that are innovative, functional and prestigious, to create a product that is conceptually interesting and visually stunning.

Dedicated to craftsmanship, we pride ourselves on having only the finest manufacturing processes, authentic materials and a steadfast commitment to quality. We design with the belief that process and collaboration should be as exciting and fun as the end result.

“Do what you love, love what you do, deliver more than you promise.”


At Plush Automotive we endeavor to provide the best customer service and satisfaction on every project no matter how big or small. We continually strive to offer an impeccable and memorable experience. With this outlook, we have grown from strength to strength over the past several years, following and innovating the current trends in the automotive industry.

At Plush, we will help turn your idea into a reality. As a well-established company, we have the imagination, creativity and expertise to realize your dream of your customized vehicle. We make refinements according to your wishes, to the highest standard.

We offer Air-Suspension, carbon, interior upholstery, in car entertainment, wheels and project management.


Plush Automotive was created in 2006, and following on from a successful 3 years in business; it was in 2009 that we saw potential for further growth. With this in mind, we researched up and coming trends within the industry. Searching further afield, we made initial contact with leading overseas Air Suspension brands as we felt this was the next logical step for the industry sector we were already well established in. In early 2010 we publically announced that we would be supplying and fitting Air Suspension. We approached this with the same manor as other services offered, quality being our number one priority.

In order to fulfill customer demand of our already popular services portfolio and the now ever growing trend of Air Suspension that we had established firmly in the UK, in 2014 we chose to re-build the dated workshop to create a current, up to date, purpose built shop, providing the space needed to complete all the relevant tasks required. 2016 was a significant year for Plush Automotive. We used our expertise, experience and knowledge and carried out in depth research to create our new range, which has been branded ABP (Air By Plush). Although positively focused on the future and continually pushing to develop this industry we will always remember our roots and never forget where we started…

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