Audison Prima Forza AP F8.9 Bit



Audison Prima amps incorporating bit processor have been around for a while now. Conceived as the ultimate integration product, they have by necessity featured relatively low power, to optimise plug and play opportunities without the need to provide a high current supply from the vehicle battery. This new “F” version more than doubles the power rating delivering a very creditable 85 Watts per channel. The amplifier can be configured to run in bridged mode and will also operate quite happily when driving a 2 ohm load offering potential power output of up to 260 watts for a pair of bridged channels.

Fully loaded with the renowned bit DSP engine, this is an amplifier for all seasons!

Technical Specification:

Power Output RMS


4 Ohm 85 W x 8 260 W x 4

2 Ohm 130 W x 8