Hertz Mille Legend MLK 165.3

Hertz Mille Legend MLK 165.3

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This superb set of 2-way components is a direct descendent of its original predecessor. The MLK 165.3's provide articulate, detailed sound with a definite bias toward musicality. Improved by a new speaker cone geometry, improved suspension and significant changes to the crossover, drivers purchasing these will love their music more than would ever be possible with a standard factory fitted set of speakers.

Technical Specification:


Woofer mm (in.) 165 (6.5)

Tweeter diaphragm mm (in.) 35 (1.38)

Crossover mm (in.) 146 x 114 x 40 (5.74 x 4.49 x 1.57)

Voice Coil Diameter:

Woofer mm (in.) 36 (1.4)

Tweeter mm (in.) 28 (1.1)

Power Handling: 

W peak 300

W continuous 150

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Frequency Response Hz 40 - 25k

Crossover cut-off Lo/Hi-pass 3.5 kHz -12 dB Oct

Crossover adjustment Tweeter Level +2 / 0 / -2 dB

Hi-Contour ON / OFF

Weight of one component

Woofer kg (lb) 1.65 (3.64)

Tweeter kg (lb) 0.075 (0.16)

Crossover kg (lb) 0.37 (0.82)

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