Audison TH 3.0 Voce II


  • Speaker Grill Type

Thesis, as the name suggests, is a statement product range and this incredibly well engineered mid range speaker represents the leading edge of in car speaker technology. The intent was to develop a mid range speaker that reproduces frequencies in an extremely linear way. Flat wound aluminium voice coil and aluminium shorting ring coupled with a N38 “H-Grade” neodymium magnet ensure that the TPX thermoplastic cone remains completely controlled and remains in perfect shape at both ends of its excursion.?

The result is distortion free mids with no trace of colouration.

Technical Specification:

Size: 70 mm (3?)

Power Handling: 55 W Continuous Power 110 W Peak Power

Impedance: 4ohms

Frequency Response: 110 – 5700 Hz

Sensitivity: 85.6 dB/Spl

Magnet: N38 ?H-grade? Neodymium

Cone: TPX?