Vossen HF-5 20″


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  • Free Stjärnagloss wheel cleaning kit

    The free wheel kit consists of:

    1 x 1 litre Hjul colour change wheel cleaner

    1 x 500ml Gummi trim & tyre dressing

    1 x Grävling microfibre wheel brush

    1 x Foam disc applicator for tyre dressing

    1 x 500ml Matta matt finish car wash

    1 x 500ml Pärla long lasting spray sealant 

  • Finish

    Bolt Pattern

    This measures how many lugs are on your wheel and the distance between them. Knowing the bolt pattern of your vehicle is essential for proper wheel fitment. 

    Front Wheel Width

    Front Offset

    Rear Wheel Width

    Rear Offset

    Wheel Bolts

Vossen HF-5

Brand – Vossen

Model – HF-5

Diameter – 20″

Volkswagen Transporter fitment is 20X9 5X120 +42 with the option for a staggered fitment 20X10 5X120 +38.

Finishes available – Gloss Black, Satin Black, Matte Gunmetal, Anthracite, Satin Silver and Satin Bronze

*Price is for a set of 4 Wheels*