Vossen HF-1 20″


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  • Finish

    Bolt Pattern

    This measures how many lugs are on your wheel and the distance between them. Knowing the bolt pattern of your vehicle is essential for proper wheel fitment. 

    Front Wheel Width

    Front Offset

    Rear Wheel Width

    Rear Offset

    Wheel Bolts

Vossen HF-1 20″ Wheels

The Vossen HF-1 20″ Wheel, part of the Vossen Hybrid Forged Series, is inspired and modelled after its forged counterpart, the HC-1. Long, sleek spokes with machined faces point to an integrated hub, ready for any five-lug bolt pattern and offset thanks to the Hybrid Forged Process. The HF-1 is available in a range of finishes:

Gloss Black, Satin Black, Anthracite, Satin Silver and Satin Bronze

The HF program allows for any of the Hybrid Forged offings to have personalised fitments and bolt patterns, specific to any 5-lug vehicle make or model.

Wheel bolts can be added on too for an easier process.

Available in a range of fitments to suit your vehicle to transform its whole look.

Volkswagen Transporter fitment is 20X9 5X120 +42 with the option for a staggered fitment 20X10 5X120 +38.

BMW G80 / G81 fitment is 20X9.5 5X112 +2 with a staggered rear fitment 21X10.5 5X112 +3. For this fitment, please see our Vehicle Specific part of the website or contact us on 01455 246 156, sales@plush-automotive.com

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*Price is for a set of 4 wheels*