Volkswagen Transporter T6 & T6.1 Sub Box


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The new bespoke sub box from Plush Automotive perfectly formed to house the 8? Audison Prima sub for the Volkswagen T6?and T6.1?has arrived. With the factory Transporter audio lacking in depth and clarity, we have took it upon ourselves working with leading manufacturers to find a perfect solution in adding Bass into your vehicle without the sacrifice of losing any space. With easy installation underneath the passenger single seat base and catering for the various different vehicle models and options our bespoke solution is ready to deliver results to be proud of.


Our bespoke multilayered wooden sub box is compatible with?both the Audison Prima APS 8 R single voice coil and the APS 8 D?dual voice coil 8? subwoofers. (not included with the box unless selected from the drop down)


Separate Amplifier required to power sub woofer. If you require a bespoke solution or wish to upgrade and amplify the component speakers in the vehicle?also, please feel free to email ourselves that we can tailor a complete package suitable for you.