Recaro Classic LS Seat


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A classic car should be as original and authentic as possible. Any conversions or accessories must remain true to the era of the car’s creation. Who better to make seats for your classic car than the company that made the original seats in the first place? RECARO – priceless originality.

RECARO Classic Line. Priceless Originality.

The RECARO Classic LS echos the outstanding design of RECARO seats from the 1980s, making them the perfect complement to classic car interiors. The RECARO seats are the culmination of everything we know today about safe, ergonomic seating. Every RECARO seat fulfills the highest possible standards in craftsmanship, style and individual comfort. All seats provide the ideal sitting position for your body, so you can be sure of sharp reactions, powerful performance and confident, safe driving.

If you enjoy the thrill of ripping round sharp corners more than most, you need exceptional lateral support. The impressive sporty side bolsters in the backrest of the Classic LS give you the safe support you need for driving round corners at speed. The paddable lumbar support and adjustable seat depth help to relieve strain on the driver’s muscles, enhancing its sporty feel.

RECARO Classic LS Specifications:

  • Original RECARO LS design
  • Sporty side bolsters in the backrest
  • Individual seat depth adjustment (480mm to 530mm)
  • Backrest tilt function for access to rear seats
  • Seat rib upholstery for optimal body fit
  • Backrest recline
  • Classic RECARO badge in backrest

Available in Full Black Leather, Black Leather/Pepita, Black Leather/Corduroy and Black Leather/Caro (Chequered)


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