FRAMEOFF Magnetic Plate Holder Kit



FRAMEOFF Magnetic license plate holder for 1 license plate.

Set FRAMEOFF solo for 1 license plate includes:

– 5 soft-coat magnets on the label side

– 5 contra magnets on the vehicle side

– 2 cleaning cloths to prepare the surfaces

– 1 sheet of sandpaper to prepare the license plate

– 1 “FRAMEOFF” sticker



This set is for mounting a license plate on vehicle parts made of plastic, CFRP / GFRP, aluminum, glass etc., for example front / rear apron, tailgate made of aluminum etc., i.e. for all non-magnetic materials up to a thickness (wall thickness ) of 8 mm.

The number plates can also be mounted on all magnetic vehicle parts (e.g. steel tailgate).


The adhesive connection is waterproof, salt, UV, heat and cold resistant and holds on all materials with a smooth surface, whether metal, plastic, glass etc.