Eventuri Replacement Custom BMC Panel Filter – Audi RS6 C8


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This Eventuri Replacement Custom BMC Panel Filter Element has been developed to provide optimum airflow through Eventuri’s custom air intake system. The filter has been redesigned to increase the filtration surface area and airflow whilst reducing turbulence, in order to achieve noticeable power gains.

  • High-flow filter medium increases airflow and engine performance
  • The bespoke design increases the filter surface area, reduces turbulence and increases velocity
  • Multi-layer non-woven dry mesh medium requires no oiling, so protects MAF sensors from contamination

Eventuri’s ground-breaking design required partnering with BMC to develop high-flow panel filters capable of superior filtration, yet maintaining a low-pressure drop. The result is a high-performance, washable, 4-layer cotton mesh bespoke panel filter

Based on their extensive tuning and aeronautics background, the engineers at Eventuri are raising the standards for intake design and development. Focused on a complete solution, each vehicle-specific intake system is extensively developed using cutting-edge design, testing, and prototyping methods. Constructed from only the finest quality components, every intake system undergoes a barrage of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, including volumetric airflow, intake temperature and dyno testing, to ensure accurate performance figures are achieved.


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