Eventuri Carbon Fibre MAF-Tube and Silicone Hose – Honda Civic FK2


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Our new carbon intake tube replaces the stock rubber tube and in doing so smoothens the path from the filter housing to the turbo inlet. The carbon tube incorporates a CNC machined MAF sensor mount so there are no further interfaces after the airflow leaves the filter housing. The tube provides a more gradual change in direction from the filter to the metal turbo inlet tube as compared to the stock rubber tube – this increases the flow efficiency further. Here is a comparison between the stock and carbon tubes.

The final component in our V2 FK2 system is the silicon hose which connects the carbon tube to the metal inlet tube. This part features an internal step which mates to the stock metal inlet tube and therefore eliminates the exposed wall thickness of the metal tube. Many aftermarket silicon hoses simply go over this metal tube and leave the end exposed to the oncoming airflow which results in turbulence. The photo below shows the internal step.

The carbon and silicon hoses join together to provide a much smoother path from the filter to the turbo inlet – testing showed a significant improvement in power.

The components come together to form our FK2 intake system which releases more power and torque from the engine, gives better throttle response and produces an incredible enhancement in intake sound.


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