Eventuri Carbon Fibre Engine Cover Black – BMW 3 Series G20 / 2-Series G42 / Z4 G29 2.0 B48


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Eventuri BMW B48 Carbon Engine Cover

Eventuri makes every one of their styling products to fit properly and last a lifetime. This commitment to quality and dedication to offering their customers the best is what sets Eventuri apart as one of the leaders in carbon and Kevlar accessories.

This engine cover will eliminate the stock plastic cover under the hood and replace it with something truly breathtaking. Eventuri starts with only the best Kevlar material and uses extreme attention to detail to produce an impossibly tight and uniform weave pattern. This can be seen at any angle when viewing the cover, and no paint tricks are used to cover up imperfections.

Kevlar construction not only means the product is attractive and lightweight, but also unbelievably strong. Resistance to cracking and chipping eliminate the risk of an expensive accident and the clear coat finish ensures that it will remain beautiful for years to come.

Supported Models
G42 2-Series
G20 3-Series
G29 Z4


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