Stjärnagloss Snöstorm Bottle – Snow Foam Lance Replacement Flask 1 Litre


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Snöstorm v2 1 litre replacement wide-mouth bottle. (Bottle only, no foam lance).

Since introducing the Snöstorm Snow Foam Lance we’ve had some customers ask for spare bottles so they can keep spare product ready-to-go. There have also been instances when bottles have worn, become loose or been accidentally ‘threaded’.

Therefore, we’ve made this wide-mouth bottle available separately from the main lance. A squat design, this 1 litre flask is stable enough to stand up on its own, and features no less than three types of graduated marking:
– capacity in ml
– capacity in fl oz
– dilution ratio 1:2, 1:10 etc

The wide-mouth design also means that it can be filled up far more easily. (We suggest filling the litre dosing bottle 90% with water first – to prevent foaming the mixture up prematurely – but now you reduce the chance of covering your hands in snow foam concentrate when you fill it up.)

It comes complete with a dark grey lid that’s threaded for the snow foam lance assembly (note that this lid is not watertight due to the brass insert being open at the top). Liquids should only be stored in the flask upright, on a stable and level surface.

1 litre capacity. Stjarnagloss logo in grey.