Stjärnagloss Multi Bucket Wash Kit – 2-3 Buckets With Magnetic Dirt Guards (Wash, Rinse, Option = Wheels)


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The safest and most stylish way to wash your car.

Everyone knows that the two bucket method (2BM) is the safest way to wash your car – take wash solution from the Wash bucket, then dunk into the Rinse bucket to remove the dirt, before taking fresh wash mixture from the Wash bucket again. Easy – and effective.

But you can make it safer still by using bucket grit barriers (like the adjustable magnetic scratch shields included in this kit) and by changing your bucket water if it gets too dirty. And the best way to tell if your water needs refreshing is to use semi-transparent buckets like the ones here. That way, you can see the water getting murkier even if it’s under a thick layer of foam.

Our robust buckets come with metal handles (with plastic grips for comfort) and hold 20.5 litres at maximum capacity (you’d usually fill to 16-17 litres or so). We’ll also provide 2x black magnetic scratch shield filters (the magnet captures ferrous particles – the hard, sharp bits of metal from brake dust or railway lines that could mar paint – floating in the bucket water) and Stjärnagloss wash and rinse vinyl bucket stickers (mint for wash, grey for rinse).

Contains 2x semi-transparent 20.5 litre buckets with metal handles (no lids), 2x scratch shield magnetic bucket filters, 1x Stjärnagloss wash vinyl bucket sticker, 1x Stjärnagloss rinse vinyl bucket sticker.