Stjärnagloss Wax Kit – Hybrid Wax, Applicator and Buffing Cloth


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Experience the durability and gloss of a hybrid wax.

Waxes have always been easy to apply and arguably given the finest finish on non-machine polished paint, because they are capable of optically filling minor swirls, blemishes and UV paint damage. However, they never used to last as long as sealants.

Then hybrid waxes came along, offering the best of both worlds. These waxes combine natural ingredients like carnauba wax, with high performance synthetic additives – giving the longevity and resilience you require in a daily coating.

This kit gives you Fantastisk 100ml hybrid wax, a Fingerborg foam applicator to spread it thinly onto clean bodywork and a Fluffig microfibre buffing cloth to remove the residue gently and leave behind an epic shine.

Contains Fantastisk 100ml hybrid wax, Fingerborg foam wax applicator, Fluffig microfibre buffing cloth.