Hertz Mille Legend ML 280.3



Mille tweeters continue to lead the wave in terms of reference performance. This set of 28mm tweeters feature an optimised Tetelon dome which has undergone extensive Finite Element Analysis to reduce distortion and minimise non-linearity. The faceplate geometry has also been reconfigured to lessen distortion and the chamber has been increased lowering the resonant frequency to below 900 Hz. The result is an open highly dispersed sound which provides astonishing timbral qualities to both solo instruments and busy ensemble music.

Technical Specification:

Tweeter diaphragm mm (in.) 35 (1.38)

Voice Coil ? mm (in.) 28 (1.1)

Power Handling W peak 180

(Hi-Pass filtered @ 1.8kHz – 12dB Oct.)

Impedance 4 Ohms

Frequency Response Hz 1k – 28k

Magnet size mm 27.8 x 3.5 x 3

D x d x h (in.) (1.1 x 0.14 x 0.12)

Weight of one speaker kg (lb) 0.10 (0.22)

Magnet Neodymium

Dome/Cone Tetolon