Audison TH 6.5 II Sax


Designing a speaker for performance without compromise is a very complex under taking. Not only does cone geometry need to be spot on, its components require engineering to the highest degree. Surround and Spider construction needs to control the movement of the cone without any distortion or mechanical compression. The voce coil needs to be able to work efficiently and dissipate large amounts of heat generated at high levels without changing the electro mechanical performance. The highest possible efficiency is required to allow every nuance of music to be clearly defined and heard. This means low level sound should sit alongside high level sounds without being lost or distorted in anyway. The toughest of brief’s for any manufacturer and we can think of no other as capable of realising it as Audison. In this product, the devil is very much in the meticulous detail. A mere list of electrical specifications and mechanical materials used only scratches the surface. This exceptional product needs to be heard to be believed!

Technical Specification:

Size: 165 mm (6.5?)

Power Handling: 150 W Continuous Power, 300 W Peak?

Impedance: 4 ohms

Frequency Response: 40 – 4500 Hz

Sensitivity: 87 dB/Spl

Magnet: N48 ?H-grade? Neodymium

Cone: TPX?