Hertz Mille Legend MLK 700.3


The MLK 700.3 Legend two way system aims at offering a mid-high frequency range of excellence, to combine with a Legend woofer with a choice between ML 1650.3 and ML 1800.3 actively filtered in a multi-amplified configuration. MLK 700.3 Legend is composed of the ML 700.3 Legend Extended Midrange, the ML 280.3 Legend tweeter and the MLCX 2 TM.3 dedicated crossover that features the unique Mid-Countour control with its three-position selector, acting on the mid frequencies of the ML 700.3 Legend midrange by varying the cross-point with the tweeter to obtain the desired sound.

Technical Specification:

Power Handling?

Peak W 200 Power Handling

Continuous W 100

Impedance 4 Ohm

Frequency response Hz 200 ? 28k?

Sensitivity dB SPL Midrange 90 Tweeter 92

Voice coil ? mm (in.) Midrange 20 (0.8) Tweeter 28 (1.1) Woofer size mm (in.) 70 (3) Tweeter size mm (in.) 35 (1.38) Woofer magnet Neodymium Tweeter magnet Neodymium Woofer cone Pressed-pulp cone with cotton fibres

Tweeter dome Tetolon?

Crossover type 2 Way Passive Crossover?

Crossover cut off 4.5 kHz – 6/12 dB Oct