Hertz Mille Pro MPK 165P.3


An uprated version of the MPK 165.3, The MPK 165P.3 features a reduced impedance which helps to wring more power out of any amplifier it is attached to. The sensitivity is also increased, which offers more output per watt. The boundary-free surround and long excursion provides deep powerful bass, enough to run without a subwoofer in some cases.

Technical Specification:

Power Handling?

Peak W 230 – Continuous W 115?

Impedance 3Ohms?

Frequency response Hz 45 – 22.5k?

Sensitivity dB SPL 93?

Voice coil mm (in.) 25 (1)?

Woofer size mm (in.) 165 (6.5)?

Tweeter size mm (in.) 29 (1.14)?

Woofer magnet High density flux ferrite?

Tweeter magnet Neodymium?

Woofer cone Pressed-pulp cone with cotton fibres?

Tweeter dome Tetolon?

Crossover type 2-Way Passive?

Crossover Crossover cut off 4 kHz