Audison Prima APK 130


Designed to enable a quick yet comprehensive upgrade to factory fitted 5inch component speaker systems. The Prima technologies on board offer improved fidelity and huge improvements on the dispersion of sound from the often less than ideal mounting positions provided by vehicle manufacturers

The wide-roll tweeter surround in this ingenious replacement component speaker system ensures a clear and resonance free high frequency performance vital in overcoming the issues with poor tweeter placement. Additional benefits are provided by use of an acoustic lens which pays particular attention to frequencies between 10 and 13KHz which are often compromised by poor speaker grille design as well as placement. THe cone features a water repellent stiffened paper cone suspended by a unique triple wave surround for extremely linear performance even at high levels and the shallow basket depth allows the speakers to be fitted in the tightest of spaces

Technical Specification:


Size mm (in.) Woofer 130 (5)

Tweeter 26 (1)

Power Handling 225Watts peak

75Watts continuous

Impedance 4 Ohm

Frequency Response 70 Hz- 20KHz

Crossover type HP @ 3.5 kHz – 6 dB per Octave

Component adjustment 0 to +2dB

Woofer Magnet size mm 85 x 40 x 13

D xd x h (in.) (3.35 x 1.57 x 0.51)

Tweeter Magnet size mm 19 x 13

D x d x h (in.) (0.75 x 0.12)

Weight of one speaker kg (lb) Woofer 0.65 (1.43)

Tweeter 0.04 (0.09)

Voice Coil ? mm (in.) Woofer 32 (1.26)

Tweeter 20 (0.8)