Audison Prima APX 4



Light up the sound in your car with this 4inch coaxial pair of high quality speakers.

This 4″ stunner is designed to solve the number one issue of factory fitted audio equipment, speaker positions. The unique tweeter assembly is a result of years of research to find a way to disperse high frequencies in a way that restores stereo image while providing great clarity while the woofer provides highly accurate mid-band reproduction.

Technical Specification:

Woofer Size 100mm (4″)

Tweeter Size 24mm (0.9″)

Power Handling peak 120 Watts

Power Continuous 40 Watts

Impedance 4 Ohm

Frequency Response 80 Hz – 23KHz

Magnet size 75 x 40 x 10mm

D x H 2.95 x 1.57 x 0.4 Inches

Weight of one speaker kg (lb) 0.49 (1.08)

Woofer Voice Coil ? mm (in.) 32 (1.26)

Tweeter Voice Coil ? mm (in.) 15 (0.6)