ABP X444U Single Noise Reduction Compressor


  • Compressor Options

    Uprated Checkvalve

    A checkvalve is the 1 way valve fitted to the end of your compressor(s), this valve locks the air into the tank once the compressor(s) have reached the target pressure set by the management.

    Sometimes over time these valves can stick open or shut either reducing fill times if stuck shut or once the tank is full can then drain back through and leak out the inlet of the compressor if stuck open. These uprated female variants are much more robust therefore reducing future chances of any failures.

    ABP Power Kit for Dual Compressors

    When upgrading to dual Compressors it's usually advised to run a correct power kit to handle the extended current draw and load that 2 compressors pull. This dual pack power harness can be integrated into all management systems to run twin compressors efficiently.

The Ultimate in 12v Compressor, not only has this been manufactured with quicker filling times in mind, this has also been designed with reduced noise when in operation. The unique built in spring mounted isolators reduce vibration and noise transferring into the chassis, also with built in internal Mufflers we were able to reduce the noise by over 50% of competitors products on the market but also retaining the best in class filling times!


  • Noise reduction over leading standard industry compressors
  • Reduced fill times
  • ABP quality assured
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Oil-less Design
  • Inline 1/4″ Check valve and High quality Braided leader line
  • Serviceable Air Filter
  • Custom Branded Compressor Head with included ABP logo
  • Spring Loaded Mounting Feet for reduced vibration
  • Single or Dual pack available

Technical Details:

    • Colour: Stealth Black
    • Max Pressure: 200psi
    • Duty Cycle: 100% at 100psi
    • Rated Voltage: 12v
    • Max Amperage 33 Amps
    • Thermal Overload Protection
    • Includes 2 spare filters
    • Includes Remote Filter Mounting kit
    • Flow Rate @ 0 PSI (13.8 Volts):72L/Min (2.54CFM)
    • Flow Rate @ 100 PSI (13.8 Volts): 47L/Min (1.66CFM)
    •  Length: 265mm, Width: 115mm, Height: 175mm

Compatibility: All air suspension systems which use a 12v Compressor