ABP VW Transporter T5/T6/T6.1 Front & Rear Bags/Struts


  • T5/T6/T6.1 Strut Option:

    We offer 3 different strut options to cater for everyones needs. Shorty for the extra lows, Standard a great all rounder and Lift for the people requiring extra ground clearance for those off grid adventures.

    Longer Drop Links

    Our Longer Drop links are suited for the standard kit and shorty kit to allow for a greater drop. They give additional clearance for the  anti roll bar which you do not get with the OEM drop links. 

ABP Transporter Air Suspension

ABP Transporter air suspension is proven to be the best Air suspension option on the market for your VW Transporter. Catering for all models (T5/T5.1/T6/T6.1) including 4 motion.

The perfectly matched Bags and stroke length on the piston rod allows you to gain maximum travel unlike other converted coilover dampers that do not give  you the required lift for ground clearance on uneven ground or obstacles.

Refining Standards through ABP Suspension

ABP transporter Air suspension was the first product in the now well established ABP brand. The unique design and engineering put into these struts has paved the path which other’s have now tried to imitate but could not replicate. Built from the ground up with numerous vigorous tests and now over 7 years of road testing globally and 1000’s of kits fitted,  ABP Suspension is proven for longevity.

Everything behind ABP suspension was to work with quality approved components, bespoke Bilstein damper’s made specifically for an air ride application. Giving the largest opened and closed length damper for this vehicle on the market, therefore giving you biggest range of travel.

Also unlike the smaller air bags others are using which are not matched and do not give you the required lift on your damper for that extra ground clearance, ABP suspension chose to work with a Premium rubber manufacture Conti (Contitech/continental tyres which are renowned as one of the best rubber manufactures world wide)  This all paired with British engineered bag mounts really completes UK/Europes No1 Air suspension strut & bag package for your transporter.

A range to suit your needs

ABP suspension since has also added to the product range to adapt quickly to gaps in the market adding both the shorty strut which goes as low as any other strut on the market but again also provides additional lift over competitors. They also added the lift version of the strut to cater for the swamper look or anyotn wishing to run over sized wheels and tyres and get a huge amount of lift over stock ride height therefore catering for the complete market.

Whatever stance and requirements your vehicles requires. We have you covered with ABP Suspension.

Ride Height Adjustability:

  • A key benefit is the ability to adjust your Transporter’s ride height. This allows you to:
    • Lower the vehicle: Achieve a more aggressive stance for a lowered look.
    • Raise the vehicle: Increase ground clearance for off-roading or uneven terrain.
    • Adjust for loading/unloading: Lower the vehicle for easier ingress and egress, especially helpful for those with limited mobility.

Enhanced Handling:

  • By adjusting the air pressure in the suspension, you can fine-tune your Transporter’s handling for different situations:
    • Improved cornering: Stiffen the suspension to reduce body roll and improve cornering stability.
    • Smoother ride: Soften the suspension for increased comfort, especially on rough roads
    • Reduced body roll: Less side-to-side sway during cornering for a more planted feel.
    • Improved responsiveness: Sharper steering response for better control and agility.
    • Sharper turn-in: More precise handling when initiating turns.

Performance Improvement:

  • Bilstein dampers are known for their ability to handle bumps and uneven roads effectively. This can translate to:
    • Increased stability: Smoother ride over rough surfaces with less bouncing or unsettled feeling.
    • Enhanced passenger comfort: Reduced impact from road imperfections for a more comfortable ride.
    • Potentially improved braking performance: Better control over the vehicle during braking thanks to reduced body roll.

Kit Includes:

    • 2 x Complete ABP front Air Struts including leader lines
    • 2 x complete ABP rear air springs
    • 2 x ABP rear dampers 
    • 1 x Hardware pack including 2 x 1/4″ FNPT-3/8″ PTC fittings and 2 x 1/4″ NPT-3/8″ PTC Elbow fittings
    • 1 x fitting guide

Please Find Examples of Transporters on ABP Suspension in our gallery HERE


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