ABP Seat Leon MK4 (KL1/KL8) Front Bags/Struts


  • Front strut Option:

    Their are 2 different size front struts depending on engine size, a 50mm and 55mm. 55mm is the most common choice but the best way to check is to measure the bottom of the OEM struts, this can usually be done without removing the strut from the vehicle.

ABP Suspension Air struts 

Ride Height Adjustability:

  • A key benefit is the ability to adjust your Seat’s ride height. This allows you to:
    • Lower the vehicle: Achieve a more aggressive stance for a lowered look.
    • Raise the vehicle: Increase ground clearance for off-roading or uneven terrain.
    • Adjust for loading/unloading: Lower the vehicle for easier ingress and egress, especially helpful for those with limited mobility.

Enhanced Handling:

  • By adjusting the air pressure in the suspension, you can fine-tune your Seat’s handling for different situations:
    • Improved cornering: Stiffen the suspension to reduce body roll and improve cornering stability.
    • Smoother ride: Soften the suspension for increased comfort, especially on rough roads
    • Reduced body roll: Less side-to-side sway during cornering for a more planted feel.
    • Improved responsiveness: Sharper steering response for better control and agility.
    • Sharper turn-in: More precise handling when initiating turns.

Performance Improvement:

  • Bilstein dampers are known for their ability to handle bumps and uneven roads effectively. This can translate to:
    • Increased stability: Smoother ride over rough surfaces with less bouncing or unsettled feeling.
    • Enhanced passenger comfort: Reduced impact from road imperfections for a more comfortable ride.
    • Potentially improved braking performance: Better control over the vehicle during braking thanks to reduced body roll.

Kit Includes:

    • 2 x Complete ABP front Air Struts including leader lines
    • 1 x Hardware pack including 2 x 1/4″ FNPT-3/8″ PTC fittings 
    • 1 x fitting guide

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