ABP Porsche Macan 2014> PASM Integrated Front & Rear Bags/Struts



ABP Suspension Air struts 

Ride Height Adjustability:

  • A key benefit is the ability to adjust your Macans’s ride height. This allows you to:
    • Lower the vehicle: Achieve a more aggressive stance for a lowered look.
    • Raise the vehicle: Increase ground clearance for off-roading or uneven terrain.
    • Adjust for loading/unloading: Lower the vehicle for easier ingress and egress, especially helpful for those with limited mobility.

Enhanced Handling:

  • By adjusting the air pressure in the suspension, you can fine-tune your Macan’s handling for different situations:
    • Improved cornering: Stiffen the suspension to reduce body roll and improve cornering stability.
    • Smoother ride: Soften the suspension for increased comfort, especially on rough roads
    • Reduced body roll: Less side-to-side sway during cornering for a more planted feel.
    • Improved responsiveness: Sharper steering response for better control and agility.
    • Sharper turn-in: More precise handling when initiating turns.

Performance Improvement:

  • Bilstein dampers are known for their ability to handle bumps and uneven roads effectively. This can translate to:
    • Increased stability: Smoother ride over rough surfaces with less bouncing or unsettled feeling.
    • Enhanced passenger comfort: Reduced impact from road imperfections for a more comfortable ride.
    • Potentially improved braking performance: Better control over the vehicle during braking thanks to reduced body roll.

      The Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) is an electronically controlled suspension system that integrates with the car’s existing suspension components to deliver a balance between comfort and sporty handling. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how it works and its benefits:

      Core Functionality:

      • Adjustable Dampers: PASM replaces the standard dampers (shock absorbers) with electronically controlled ones. These dampers contain valves that adjust fluid flow within them, influencing how quickly the suspension compresses and rebounds.
      • Control Unit: The PASM control unit receives signals from various sensors like accelerometers, steering angle sensors, and wheel speed sensors. Based on this data, the control unit calculates the optimal damping force for each wheel in real-time.
      • Solenoid Valves: The control unit sends signals to solenoid valves within the dampers, adjusting the flow of fluid and altering the damping characteristics.

      Driving Modes:

      PASM typically offers different driving modes, allowing you to adjust the suspension based on your preferences and driving conditions:

      • Normal Mode: Provides a comfortable ride with a balance between handling and comfort. The dampers offer a softer setting, absorbing bumps and road imperfections effectively.
      • Sport Mode: Stiffens the dampers, improving handling by reducing body roll and dive during cornering and acceleration.
      • Sport Plus Mode (on some models): Offers the firmest setting, maximizing handling performance for track driving or aggressive maneuvers.

      Benefits of PASM:

      • Improved Handling: By adjusting the damping characteristics, PASM allows the car to maintain better composure and control during cornering and maneuvering. Reduced body roll translates to a more planted and responsive feel.
      • Enhanced Comfort: In normal mode, the dampers offer a more comfortable ride by absorbing bumps and road imperfections more effectively compared to a standard suspension setup.
      • Versatility: The ability to switch between driving modes allows you to tailor the suspension characteristics to your driving needs and preferences. You can prioritize comfort for cruising or switch to a sportier setting for a more engaging driving experience.
      • Integrated System: PASM integrates seamlessly with the existing Porsche suspension components, offering a refined and well-tuned driving experience.

      Overall, the Porsche PASM integrated suspension system offers a significant advantage by providing both excellent handling and a comfortable ride. The ability to adjust the suspension based on driving conditions makes it a versatile system for various driving styles and road conditions.

Kit Includes:

    • 2 x Complete ABP front Air Struts including leader lines
    • 2 x complete ABP rear air springs
    • 2 x ABP rear dampers 
    • 1 x Hardware pack including 2 x 1/4″ FNPT-3/8″ 2x 1/4″ NPT-3/8″ Elbow PTC fittings.

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