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With Air Ride now being established strongly within the UK and Europe, and with the roads not lending themselves to lowered cars or high performance sport cars, we have tailored a large sector of Plush Automotive to cater for this demand in the most efficient and professional manor possible.

Taking our electronic and fabricating experience teamed with our mechanical knowledge, we have already excelled the benefits of air ride convenience and reliability on today’s after market builds. With digital management integration such as remote controlled system pre set ride heights and steering wheel/paddle shift control, we can provide you an OEM solution and factory fit and finish of the equipment, allowing ease of use.

Being a UK distributor for leading brands and now including our own ABP (“Air By Plush”) range, we can supply any level of air system from manual paddle valves to full electronic management with pre set ride heights both pressure and height based to suit each individual clients requirements. Our range covers the vast majority of popular vehicle marques.

We keep a large range of product in stock from complete systems through to individual fittings so we can fulfill the supply on demand needs of our clients. Our fitting service is a complete package tailored to our client’s requirements. More often than not this includes custom controller fitting, OEM boot installations, and any required chassis modifications. All our systems come with a 12 months manufactures warranty and our Limited Lifetime installation warranty.

Other services that can be provided for the clients that want to be able to have their air system on show include full hardline setups, custom finishes to the air tanks and custom trim options to finish off the build and create that individual look tailored to the client.

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Air Management

This is your Air source that provides the vehicle with its air supply to control the lift and drop of the system. Consisting of 1 or 2 12V Compressor's and various sized Air tank to suit each application.

Specific Air suspension Struts/Bags

These come in various forms and are the brain of each individual system, controlling the height of the vehicle at a touch of a button in various different ways based on pressure and height control.


Control System

These are the vehicle specific suspension components that allow the lift/drop and performance of each kit.

Optional Accessories

These accessories are all additional to help aid either the performance, installation or aesthetics of each individual install.


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