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Carbon fibre is now becoming a fashionable and functional accessory in the automotive industry. This visually stunning, complex, and in some cases weight saving material lends itself to not only that motorsport feeling but now that exclusive luxurious outlook that even OEM manufacturers are beginning to lace there vehicles with. Not only for interior but also exterior visual enhancements and performance.

Our carbon Skinning service is a bespoke service where everything is hand produced individually over the original panel/component for that perfect fit and finish.

We work with some of the best trained technicians in the industry that not only understand the limitations of the material, but they also understand how to achieve that flawless finish, which will in turn create an end product so visually stunning that you will just crave for more of this material integrating into the vehicle.

Our ‘on the shelf’ Carbon product range is ever expanding and can be found in the Carbon Fibre section of the online shop below, or if you have an individual query please feel free to contact ourselves via the form on the contact page and we will endeavor to assist you in the best way possible.





Gloss Mercedes A45 Wing mirrors.

Air suspension

Gloss Seamless Air tanks.



Matte Mercedes GLA dash insert.

Bespoke custom interior design and finishing

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