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Accuair E-Level Management & ABP Suspension Kit

Accuair E-Level Management & ABP Suspension Kit

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Product Description:

The e-Level Electronic Levelling System is the heart of any AccuAir load leveling suspension package and provides unparalleled technology and features.  This Paired With ABP’s superior Quality Air suspension struts utilizing bespoke Bilstein Technology makes for a winning combination.

This second generation controller allows you to save three unique vehicle positions into memory based on True Position Based Height Sensors installed in each corner of your suspension. These three heights are then instantly accessible by the touch of a button. While parked or driving, the system will utilize its Ride Monitor ModeTM to maintain the vehicle height while loading or unloading passengers and cargo or when road conditions change while driving. All of this automatic intelligence is unnoticed by the driver providing a consistent and perfected ride quality for all circumstances.

 Operation of the e-Level system is simple, yet its features are constantly working to provide you with the perfect ride-height in all conditions. Because the e-Level system utilizes height sensors instead of pressure sensors, changes in load are accurately corrected for. The adjustments made by an e-Level controller are so accurate that each wheel maintains its height within 2-3mm and actually prevents cross-loading of air springs at a higher accuracy than any other method ("Read Air On Scales"). This is all made possible because the system calibrates to the vehicle upon installation and then learns how your air suspension behaves over time (similar to the technology used in today's advanced fuel injection systems). This flexibility allows the e-Level controller to be used on any vehicle with a wide variety of valve speeds and requires no user tuning.

 Combine all of this straightforward functionality with the intuitive e-Level TouchPad Interface for the ultimate in ease of use. This sleek interface is machined from billet aluminium to yield an unmatched high quality look and feel. The TouchPad gives full manual control over each air spring individually as well as fronts and rears in pairs. Position feedback is given to the user with a clean yellow glowing ring around each of the position buttons and every button is back lit with crystal white LED's for night time operation. All wiring harnesses are color-coded and Plug-n-Play for quick and error-free installation.


Features of the e-Level System:


- 3 programmable heights lowered / ride height / raised

- RideMonitor mode adjusts as needed while driving or parked

- TruPosition height sensors provide accurate levelling regardless of load

- Ride-height-on-start gets you ready to drive when you turn the key

- Anti cross-loading height management gives balanced spring weights

- TouchPad accesses your 3 programmable heights and controls each individual air spring or front and rear as a pair

- Automatically calibrates to any air suspension system on any vehicle (no user programming required)

- Straight to height adjustments avoid valve pulsing and gets you ready to drive immediately

- Active learning maximizes levelling performance after every adjustment

- Manages air compressors for faster height recovery

- Monitors vehicle voltage and automatically turns compressor(s) off at 10.5 volts to prevent a dead battery

- 100% weather-proof for under vehicle mounting

- Plug-n-play wiring harnesses for ease of installation

- Each system is 100% factory tested


ABP Air Kit Features:

- Front and rear High Performance Bilstein Struts

- Double Bellows Progressive Rate Springs

- Braided Stainless Steel Leader Air Hoses

 -  3/8" PTC Fittings

- All Mounting Hardware

- Detailed Instruction Manual

- ABP’s One Year Warranty

- Image may not represent actual product supplied


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